Biosculpture Gel Nails

Biosculpture is a top quality protein based gel which helps your own nails grow long and strong with no damage to the natural nail. 

This overlay lasts between 3 and 4 weeks depending on how quickly your nails grow. 

Some standard gel polishes can make your nails weak/split especially after removal but Biosculpture is different, it really does improve the health and condition of your nails. 

Set by LED lamp it is dry to the touch in 30 seconds. It is a little more of an expensive system but it is so worth it and once you try it, you will not want to use anything else!

An overlay appointment will include: 

Cuticle work

File to shape 

Base coat

Colour of your choice

Top coat

High shine

Cuticle conditioner 

This treatment takes an hour